How could she say that?

by | May 22, 2023 | 0 comments

The most awful thing happened. Well, you won’t think it’s so awful, but I did. I met with a friend of mine, a terrific writer whose word I trust. She wanted me to meet someone who publishes and sent an email to both of us as an introduction. She described me as, “a polished writer”.

It threw me into a depression. I won’t say I wept, but I did catch Covid, likely not related, but even so…..

A polished writer? Do I want to be seen as a polished writer? If so I should be wearing high heels and a realtor’s red blazer with a simple brooch on my lapel and a scarf around my neck. I could sell you a polished house that has an “open floor plan”. Not like me at all.

While lying in bed with Covid, I thought about that. She didn’t mean it as an insult. And maybe that was even worse. If she meant to defame me, there are a lot worse things she could have said.

But it did get me thinking about what I want to post here. It’s true that the things I’ve posted so far have been “pieces”, writing I’ve gone over and shaped into a form that satisfies me. But maybe what I should do is not think so hard and just tell you all about it. You may decide for yourself what that “it” is that I might tell you about. It would definitely be more raw, maybe more embarrassing for me. I don’t particularly like spooning my insides out onto the page for others to see. I have lots of published work on the net and in print, so that’s already out there. Do you want something less (for lack of a better word) “polished”? 

I would have to tell you all about FEWTNID too. That’s where I go spelunking on a frequent basis. My life is complicated, and honestly way too much has happened to me. In other words, I do not live a charmed life. I leave that up to my first husband. Everything seemed to go smoothly for him, though  he might not think so. He turned out secure and taken care of, safe and relatively without encumbrances. Oooh, not so for me: Not smooth, not secure, not taken care of, in fact mostly taking care of everyone else and with tons of encumbrances. If that sounds exciting to you, let me know. I’m here waiting to hear from you.

Examples of possible imminent posts:

Arctic Hysteria

Adult Bookstore Bouncy House

The Myanmar Exercize Queen VGV

The Covid Diaries

And much much more. As I type, more is being written………………

So tell me what you want. 


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